)herein collectively called “the Sponsors”

Lucky Number Contest

Stirling Communications International, (NTV, Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd., The Newfoundland Herald, Sunday Herald Ltd.)herein collectively called “the Sponsors”, bring you a chance to win an instant cash Prize of a minimum of $100.00 each night at the date and time provided in these rules.

From time to time, as announced, an instant bonus prize of between $250.00 to $10,000.00 cash may be won for the contest broadcast on the date and time provided in these rules.

Each front cover of the “current issue” of The Newfoundland Herald has a valid and distinct contest number printed on the top right hand corner (the “Contest Number”). Having the Contest Number automatically entitles contestants to participate in NTV’s Lucky Number Contest. during the NTV Evening News Hour (Monday Friday), with the Contest Number of the “current issue” of the Newfoundland Herald Magazine and notify the Sponsors within the specified time in Rule (f) below.

(Please Note: repeat broadcasts of the contest appearing in the late night and early morning newscasts are not eligible broadcasts.)

Lucky Numbers broadcast relate only to the “current issue” shown during the eligible

broadcast. Each day the contest is broadcast, new Lucky Numbers are broadcast.

Lucky Numbers are chosen at random by computer prior to the broadcasts.

Only numbers that have been printed in the Newfoundland Herald production run for the correct week will be entered into the computer for that week’s draws.

## ## There is no limit on the number of Contest Numbers a contestant may hold; however, there will only be three (3) Lucky Numbers appear on the screen for each broadcast.

In order to be eligible to participate, a contestant who believes that they hold a Lucky Number must call NTV at 722 5015 or 1 855 NTVUWIN (1 855 688 8946) within thirty (30) minutes from the end of NTV Lucky Number Contest broadcast within that evening’s 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Newshour time period.

Only the 1st call received within 30 minutes after the airing of the contest will be considered as eligible to win. (All calls are logged and time stamped by our answering service, that time stamp will be considered the only official time of a contestant’s call). Contestants must tell the answering service operator that they have, or have filed with

NTV, under (g) and (h) of these rules the Lucky Number and then give the number, their name and contact information, which must include their telephone number.

On the next business day, NTV will call, starting with the 1st caller according to the answering service’s time stamped list. NTV will use the contact telephone number given to the operator on the previous night. NTV will verify that the contestant has matched the Lucky Number and meets all rules for this promotion, and upon correctly answering the skill testing question, that person will be considered eligible to claim the Prize associated with that night’s broadcast. Once a winner is declared, no further attempts will be made to contact other callers.

You may also enter the Lucky Number contest by sending a reasonable hand drawn

original drawing (colour or Black and White are both acceptable) of the current Herald

cover matching the issue for that contest week (no photocopies or other types of

reproductions are acceptable). Your entry should be addressed to:

Your entry must clearly show the number you have chosen and place it where the Lucky

number is printed on an actual Herald Cover. Your entry must be received by close of

business (5:00 pm) on the Friday before the contest using that cover is first broadcast.

Your entry must also contain your name, address, and telephone number. Should your

entry match the cover and the number as broadcast in any Lucky

number contest for which that cover is valid, and you have provided the correct contact information, you must call in under rule (f) so you will be considered to have a validated entry eligible to win that night’s prize.

Option 1 Provide the Actual Printed cover:

In order to claim the prize, the verified call in contestant must provide their actual Herald cover with applicable unaltered Lucky Number by mail to the address given in these rules on/or before 12:00 Noon within 10 calendar days of the broadcast date of that contest for which the winner is claiming the prize. Your Herald cover with the verified Lucky Number should be mailed to:

Each contest begins at the time it is first advertised on mm/dd/yy advertised in the Herald and on TV for that particular contest and ends after its first broadcast within the NTV Evening News Hour at 6:00 to 7:00 pm M F Newfoundland Time.

The prize is ordinarily $100.00 payable by cheque to the winner.

From time to time, bonus prizes of amounts between $250.00 and $10,000.00 will replace the $100.00 Prize for that contest night only. Bonus nights will be announced only at the beginning of that particular Lucky Number Contest broadcast.

The team’s jerseys white for home

London Knights unveil new logo and jerseys inspired

London Free Press

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This section was produced by the editorial department. The client was not given the opportunity to put restrictions on the content or review it prior to publication. (/The London Free Press)

Article Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: London Knights unveil new logo and jerseys inspired by 2005 glory days Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentThe London Knights are turning back the clock with their new on ice look.

At a news conference Monday, the club unveiled its 2019 20 jerseys, swapping last year’s black and white livery for classic green and white.

It’s a change inspired by the Knights’ glory days, said general manager Mark Hunter, hearkening back to when team won a Memorial Cup in 2005 and dominated the league much of the decade.

“The 2005 team was a special team, and (these) jerseys are basically a spinoff of that. It’s a big day for the London Knights,” Hunter said. “We all know the legacy of the 2005 team. The helmet’s black eye hole, for example, has been changed to green. The team’s jerseys white for home, green for away are designed to be simple and sleek.

## ## “I think it’s a good combination of history and little bright colour to it. Sometimes, a change brightens everything up,” Hunter said.

“The sweater really represents the players and the past players, and we’re excited about that legacy.”

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