Spotlighting will be replaced with “high efficiency

Powering up on the boulevard of glittering dreams

The Mink Mile is getting a makeover.

Not only has Davids at the corner of Bay and Bloor just unveiled a sparkling $3 million transformation of its 5,000 square foot flagship store imbued with glass and steel, Lucite and suede (and that’s the floor covering, not the footwear) but now Harry Rosen, at the corner of Bloor and Bellair, is making way for fake designer bags a $20 million broom sweeping.

What’s more, international luxury brand giants Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Tiffany Co., Chanel and Louis Vuitton have all recently undergone or are about to embark on costly renovations to give them greater star power.

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Call replica louis vuitton bags it the gilding of Bloor Street. With the development of several multimillion dollar condo projects in and around Bloor Street West and nearby Yorkville Avenue, as well as the imminent arrival of luxury hotels such as the Hazelton (opening in June) and a new five star Four Seasons Hotel aaa replica designer handbags on Avenue Road, the strip is tarting itself up to satisfy the appetite for high end luxury goods in dazzling settings.

As Chestnut Park real estate agent Jimmy Molloy says, “Even if these new purchasers are Canadians, they have homes in other international cities like London, New York and Paris.”

“There’s no doubt that Bloor Street is Canada’s Fifth Avenue, the country’s Rodeo Drive,” says CEO Larry Rosen, son of the venerable men’s wear shop’s founder.

Harry Rosen is adding two floors to the two it already has, increasing retail space to 50,000 square feet from 32 high quality designer replica handbags ,000. Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Employing steel and glass, the construction will be modern in design. “Having an replica louis vuitton bags from china address on Bloor Street is such that you have to make your retail store into a gem and forget the costs,” Mr. Rosen adds.

Retail consultant John Williams calls it “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome. Or you could think of it as a domino effect, down the strip.

The strip will be anchored at the southeast corner of Bloor and Yonge by a new $500 million 80 high quality designer replica handbags storey commercial/residential tower (in 2011) and, to the west, by luxury condo towers going up across from the newly crystalline Royal Ontario Museum.

Rents have doubled in four years, causing Bloor Street to rank as the 22nd most expensive retail location in the world in 2006.

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“The economy is sound, the stock market is booming, the housing market is seeing tremendous value and so people are feeling good, and when they feel good, they spend,” Mr. Williams says.

Glenn Abugov, managing director of ICI Construction, the Toronto company that has overseen the renovations of Prada, Gucci and Cartier, thinks the retail boom is tied to the city’s cultural renaissance: “There’s probably a soft correlation with the fact that we have the design talents of Frank Gehry at the Art Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags Gallery of Ontario and Daniel Libeskind at the Royal Ontario Museum,” he says.

Among the international all star jewels high quality replica handbags china is Cartier North America, soon relocating to a larger, more spectacular location on Bloor.

The new boutique, styled by renowned Paris based designer Bruno Moinard cheap louis vuitton bags from china , will be decorated with oak panelling. Oak floors and glass display fixtures trimmed with

requisite bronze will be found throughout. The new design will boast a sophisticated atmosphere with an open environment to beautifully showcase Cartier jewellery, watches, accessories and fragrance collections.

Escada started a major $3 million overhaul of its 10 year old boutique in February. Scheduled to move into its new digs late next month, the Toronto Escada store is switching its formerly pale palette for one that is now elegant in black and grey. Spotlighting will be replaced with “high efficiency lighting that will make the clothes stand out more against the background,” general manager Vivi Elo says.

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The redesign was planned by the head office in Germany, which oversees 240 Escada stores worldwide. Toronto was among the 10 chosen for a makeover this season, because the city boasts such high aaa replica designer handbags sales volume. “Toronto is an international city and it deserves international retailing,” Escada president Joe Caporella says.

The design, by a Zurich based company, is not unique to the Toronto store. It is similar to those in Paris and Vienna and soon to be seen in Beverly Hills, Mumbai and anywhere else the luxury retailer has a presence. In effect, luxury retail giants are deploying a kind of McDonald’s style of branding. “It is a trend worldwide with high end stores to keep the look the same ,” Ms. Elo says.

That experience, says Kin Wong, general manager at Prada Toronto, enables the customer to feel a sense of comfort as soon as he or she walks through the chrome and glass doors. “When we renovated, it was to keep up with the other Prada stores, in particular the Fifth Avenue store in New York.. It helps us sell more bags, for sure. Because no one on the street is going to tell you that even a minor facelift is just about image.”

Noah Shopsowitz, a retail designer with ICI Construction, says a brand’s consistency is what gives it its potency. “What that speaks directly to is the consumer coming in from other countries, whose experience in Paris, New York, London or Tokyo has to be matched now in Toronto.”

Yet when the store is Canadian, like Hugo Nicholson in Hazelton Lanes, undertaking a multimillion dollar expansion and renovation is totally about the bottom line, “without a doubt,” says Eleanore Rosenstein, one of the owner operators along with her sister, Carole.

“We are hoping to see increased sales of our dresses and we are absolutely confident that that will occur because our clients are already warming to the changes that Noah has introduced,” she says, referring to ICI’s involvement.

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These 1:1 replica handbags include adding 400 square feet of retail space and a series of new Tiffany like windows showcasing clothing treasures. In “the salon,” where $15,000 gowns by Carolina Herrera or Gianfranco Ferr are on display and a bottle of Veuve is conspicuously on ice, the new floor is creamy marble. replica louis vuitton As well, Mr. Shopsowitz has ordered the walls to be covered with a hand mixed iridescent paint that will support the store’s logo, embossed with crushed Swarovski crystal.

The intent, Mr. Shopsowitz says, is to reposition the Toronto boutique as something international on par with Prada, Gucci and Chanel.

As he stands inside the store, already seeing in his mind’s eye the twinkle of the crystals on the walls, he imagines he could be in New York, Paris, London. “This could be any international city in the world,” he says with excitement, warming to his theme. “But it’s Toronto.”.

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