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)herein collectively called “the Sponsors”

Lucky Number Contest Stirling Communications International, (NTV, Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd., The Newfoundland Herald, Sunday Herald Ltd.)herein collectively called “the Sponsors”, bring you a chance to win an instant cash Prize of a minimum of $100.00 each night at the date and time provided in these rules. From time to time, as announced, an instantContinue reading “)herein collectively called “the Sponsors””

The team’s jerseys white for home

London Knights unveil new logo and jerseys inspired London Free Press Share CloseShare this Story: London Knights unveil new logo and jerseys inspired by 2005 glory days Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrNews Local NewsCOVID 19NationalCOVID 19 WorldWeatherBusiness Local BusinessOpen during COVIDFeatured BusinessesAgricultureEnergyMiningMortgagesSmall BusinessTechnologyFP Markets Opinion EditorialsColumnistsLettersSend Us A LetterSports Local SportsHockeyNHLLondonContinue reading “The team’s jerseys white for home”

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